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31 October 2019

Warm-up: Coach’s Choice

Strength/Skill: Get Ready to Work!

WOD: For Time

Run 400 meters as a group of 4

Pair 1: Zombies
“Walk Like the Dead” (30 Wall Walks)
“Grave Busters” (60 Burpees)
“Brain Toss” (60 Wall Balls) (20/14)
“Bloody Bars” (60 Pull Ups)

Pair 2: Defenders
“Haul off the Dead” (200 Meter Partner Carry)
“Fire Breathers” (200 Double Unders)
“Jump High or Die” (100 Box Jumps) (24/20)
“Skull Crushers” (100 Slam Balls) (30/20)

*Switch WODs when both pairs are finished.

Then, run 400 meters as a group of 4 when both are pairs are finished with both parts of the WOD.

In teams of 4, pair off into 2 sets of partners.
Each pair will perform both runs and both parts of the WOD.
Score is the time to complete all work.
Only one person in each pair can work at a time.
Pairs cannot move to the second part until the other pair is finished with their first part.

Cool Down: ROMWOD

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