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19 July 2021

Warm-up: Coach’s Choice

Strength/Skill: Clean (2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2)

Start at 70% and get AHAP. Lift on a 3-minute clock.

WOD: 12 Minute GAFAP
1 Squat Clean (135/95)
1 Strict Pull Up
2/2, 3/3 . . .

RX+: 175/125; Strict Chest to Bar
Teen/Masters RX: 95/65
Teen/Masters RX+: 135/95; Strict Chest to Bar

Stimulus/Focus: This WOD will be slow moving. Focus onĀ  good form and perfect reps. The pull on the bar and the pull on the rig will be tough on the forearms. You will likely be doing this workout in singles.

Cool Down: Tabata Chin over the Bar Holds

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