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10 May 2021

Warm-up: Coach’s Choice

Strength: Back Squat (4 x 6)

Use 80% for all sets. Lift on a 3-minute clock.

WOD: 5 RFT (20 Minute Cap)
5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Back Squats (115/75)
15 Pull Ups
20 Double Unders

RX+: Strict HSPUs; 155/105; C2B
Teen/Master RX: 75/55
Teen/Master RX+: Strict HSPUs; 115/75; C2B

Stimulus/Focus: This workout has a little bit of everything–push, pull, squat; gymnastics, weightlifting, metabolic conditioning. Everything should be unbroken with the exception of the pull ups. Try not to do more than 2-3 sets for those.

Cool Down: 3 Rounds
15 GHD Sit Ups
15 GHD Extensions